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Working with women and being one is a gift and passion of mine.

Exploring and embodying my cyclical nature has been an empowering experience.

My own fertility, pregnancy and motherhood journey made me truly realise and appreciate women’s body and it’s miraculous abilities.

Now it is my privilege to be able to assist and serve women like YOU on their unique path towards health, wholeness and courage to live up to their true potential. 

In my practice I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and wisdom on cycle awareness and offer support in:


  • Menstrual problems (painful, heavy, irregular, missing periods, PMS)

  • Fertility and Pre pregnancy: balancing your mind and body to keep you in the best of health. 


  • IVF support If you are planning to do an IVF cycle, or have already embarked on IVF, acupuncture can help improve blood flow to the ovaries and uterus during the stimulation phase and improve rates of implantation. As well as relax you at these stressful times.


For best results it is important to start treatment three months or more before commencing the IVF cycle to better prepare your body not only for the IVF cycle but also for maintaining a healthy pregnancy.


  • Pregnancy  - common conditions in pregnancy, breech babies, inducing labour and preparing for labour.

  • Menopause balancing your mind and body to keep you in the best of health for an easy, graceful and empowering transition into a new chapter of your precious life.


My treatments are tailored to meet your individual needs, always aiming to work on the root cause of the imbalance (may it be emotional, physical or spiritual).

Vibrant health, self-knowledge and true acceptance are keys in making a positive impact in the world. And it starts with You.

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First treatment (up to 1.5h): £80

Follow-up treatment price (up to 1h): £60

​To find out if that’s something you could benefit from and to book,

please get in touch:

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