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Anna was treating me for fertility issues. I couldn't have chosen anyone more professional, kind, gentle and sensitive. Anna was always very positive and created a sense of hope whilst going through several rounds of  difficult IVF.  My sessions were tailored to my needs on a weekly basis. I would always leave feeling really relaxed with inner peace. I now have a 1 year healthy daughter! Anna played a huge part in my fertility success. And just wanted to say a eternal thank you!

— Divya

Anna is such a beautiful soul, inside and out. Not only is she an expert in Acupuncture and other healing modalities and so she is extremely professional. But more than this, Anna is warm, compassionate, intuitive and she just has this 'knowing' about what is the right treatment for you on the day she sees you. Initially I went to Anna for IBS symptoms and the start of my menopause symptoms. Anna has helped me with bloating and IBS symptoms using Acupuncture and I found this so relaxing and calming. In the process, I learnt so much about anxiety and how this is related to the gut and the gut-brain connection. I look forward to our sessions so much and Anna has become a friend as well as a therapist. I have healed so much since seeing Anna and gained so much knowledge about Chinese Medicine from Anna and also I have a new lease of life and passion for self-healing. 100% recommend Anna.

— Carmy

If you're looking for holistic treatment for a condition, Anna is the person for you. Her knowledge is first rate, her methods and approach are tailored to you for an all round fantastic experience. I suffer with sever eczema and the advice and acupuncture have allowed not only my body to start accepting to heal, but also my mind and soul. Could not recommend her more. 

— Dan

Anna has been a life saver for me over the past 2/3 years! I have been struggling with my health and symptoms of Lyme disease for years now with traditional medicine letting me down.
Anna takes the time to understand me as a person and what I am dealing with to truly help my symptoms and healing journey. The biggest compliment I can pay her is that you feel cared for and understood which makes the world of difference when you are struggling.

Acupuncture has played a huge part in helping me deal with my symptoms and healing and I cannot recommend Anna enough for her help and expertise.

— Reagan

I first went to see Anna about a back issue that I had been experiencing for a number of months. The first session bought about an immediate improvement. Anna is such a welcoming and caring practitioner and very skilful at her craft. As well as using acupuncture she would introduce other healing modalities (moxibustion and cupping) depending on what was required alongside practical advice for me to do at home. At one point my teenage daughter required her services and Anna was so sweet with her and completely put her at ease. I would happily recommend her services to everyone and anyone.

— Daniella S.

Routine blood tests flagged up some issues of concern. As lifestyle was a key factor, I chose to try a naturopathic approach to improve my health before the GP's recommendation for lifetime medication. I was recommended Anna through my local health food shop (Natures Harvest, Leighton Buzzard) and decided to give her a try. Anna has a very calming and professional approach, and she put me at ease from our first meeting. Behind her charming personality lies a lot of wisdom and knowledge. She listened carefully to understand what I wanted from our sessions. With a few appointments, I got the lifestyle changes I was seeking, plus acupuncture and a whole lot more. I am now empowered with an arsenal of tools and knowledge to improve many aspects of my life. Thank you, Anna, for going above and beyond my expectations. I am confident for improvements in my bloodwork in a few weeks and look forward to a new healthier lifestyle. I would happily recommend Anna to anyone who wishes to improve their health using natural remedies.

— Gary

Anna has the most infectious personality and yet remains very professional in her chosen field. I’ve received 3 treatments of acupuncture so far to help with ongoing back pain, stiffness and muscle spasms.
Despite my nervousness, Anna managed to put me at ease and listened intently. To my surprise, I found the whole treatment calming and pleasant and I contribute that to Anna’s genuine feel and deep understanding of the wonderful human body.
I didn’t expect such quick results, but after 5 days on strong painkillers and muscle relaxants, I felt a sudden shift in my tension within a few hours of treatment. I followed the acupuncture with a physio massage and was amazed when the massage therapist was intrigued why the muscles on my back were tight everywhere apart from one “ unusual pathway along my shoulder blade “  - the exact place where Anna recognised the stagnation was and treated me with acupuncture needles!
I am very grateful for Anna’s kindness and ability to tune into people’s energetic flow.

I will continue seeing Anna and I cannot recommend her enough. Thank you!!

— Z.Smith

I was quite sceptical whether acupuncture could help with my arthritic hands but since seeing Anna I am pain free and can grip things once again. She not only helped me with my hands but also helped me on my journey to live a healthier lifestyle. She is calm, reassuring and professional - Thank you Anna !

— Stuart

Anna is the kind of therapist that combines both professionalism and kindness. I found her incredibly approachable, compassionate and friendly.

After suffering from planter fasciitis for over a year, I saw Anna for this. I also asked her to work on my upper back pain and stiff neck. She carefully thought about the best way to tackle my ailments with a holistic approach. I received both acupuncture and cupping on several sessions. The planter fasciitis symptoms continued to reduce following each session to the point where I have no pain anymore!

The treatments also did wonders for my back pain and stiff neck.

Anna offered naturopathic advice as well and seems to be able to read a person’s body with great intuition.

I really appreciate having the chance to receive treatments from her as it is difficult to find an exceptional therapist. I definitely recommend Anna to any potential clients.

— Sarah S.

I sought support from Anna to address longstanding hip pain which would radiate up and down my right side. 
Before visiting Anna, I had sought help from my GP, I had had X-rays and had made multiple visits to a physiotherapist as well as other visits to two different chiropractors.  
After one visit to Anna, the pain dismissed to the point I was able to help walk and sleep without pain for the first time in five years. After several visits, the pain was gone completely. I am now back to exercising five nights a week, walking 10-15 km, playing tennis, and am back lifting weights. Anna totally gave me back my life.
As well as providing acupuncture, Anna introduced me to "cupping", which I loved.  As well as providing  a calm and tranquil space to receive treatments, Anna shared her knowledge of holistic healing, healthy eating and the benefits of being vegan, and exemplified kindness and generosity of spirit.
Anna gets five stars from me, thank you Anna!

— Karen W.

I have just completed a course of acupuncture with Anna and found her to be very professional .
She is very passionate in her job and the advice she gives is brilliant.She has certainly helped me with the problems I have and would certainly go back to see her.I thoroughly recommend her.

— Dave

I visited Anna in her final year as an acupuncture student as I was suffering from migraines and constant fatigue. She has helped me not only with acupuncture but by suggesting ideas to find the source of my problems. I found her a highly intuitive practitioner, also caring and a great listener. With her support my condition improved greatly and I went pain free for months for the first time. During the sessions she was always concerned about my comfort and made sure I was calm and relaxed. I was always looking forward to my sessions with her and would not hesitate to recommend her to my friends.

— Dorottya N.

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