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Yellow Flowers

Flower remedies

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Essences of plants and flowers are geared towards resolving specific emotional and mental processes including their physical manifestations. 

In today’s circumstances we are given an unimaginable combination of challenges, wake-up calls, revelations, triggers, opportunities for growth and change. 

The action of the remedies is not to merely alleviate or nullify the emotional or mental state; instead it helps the person to become more self-aware about what they are experiencing, and to mature through it. Becoming more resilient.

Flower remedies are extremely safe with no negative side effects and are easy to administer.

Suitable for all stages of life and compatible with all other types of treatments.

Working with Flower remedies has been close to my heart alongside my Naturopathy & Acupuncture practice.


I am offering customised flower remedy blends tailored for your needs.

Recycled Paper

Online or In person consultation (up to 30 min)

+ custom made flower remedy blend (30ml): £35

​To find out if that’s something you could benefit from and to book,

please get in touch:

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